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'If it Were Not for Him, it Would Be Somebody Else': Victims' Families Give Mixed Reactions to the Naming of 'Jihadi John'

Mohammed Emwazi, a 26-year-old computer science graduate from west London, was named on Thursday as the masked man featured in the Islamic State's beheading videos.
Sally Hayden
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Countries That Pay Ransoms for Islamic State Hostages Might Be in Trouble With the UN

The Islamic State has reportedly received between $35 and $45 million in ransom payments this year alone, and the UN is not happy about it.
Samuel Oakford
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Islamic State Video Claims Another US Hostage Has Been Beheaded

New footage released by the militant group shows the mass decapitation of dozens of Syrian soldiers, and claims that American hostage Peter Kassig has been beheaded.
Liz Fields

How the Islamic State Turned Horrifying Beheadings into Effective Propaganda

The jihadist group's notorious executions not only horrify the West but excite wannabes worldwide who can't wait to get involved.
Simon Cottee
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Parents of Endangered US Hostage Make Plea to Islamic State

Peter Kassig, a 26-year-old American aid worker, appeared in the beheading video of Alan Henning that was released Friday by the militant group.
Liz Fields
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Islamic State Releases 49 Turkish Hostages While Fate of British Aid Worker Remains Unclear

An unconfirmed report claimed the Islamic State may have beheaded a second British hostage Saturday, the same day the militants released 49 other hostages unharmed.
Liz Fields
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Britain Resists Pressure to Join US Airstrikes Against Islamic State After Beheading

British PM David Cameron vowed to "hunt down those responsible" for killing David Haines, but remained hesitant to join the US air campaign against the Islamic State.
Liz Fields

Islamic State Beheads British Hostage David Haines

A video released by the militant group Saturday appears to show the gruesome execution of a 44-year-old British aid worker.
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Obama Tells the Nation That America Is Going Back to War in Iraq

In his first primetime speech in a year, President Barack Obama announced his plan to battle the Islamic State in both Iraq and Syria.
Jason Leopold
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Deradicalization Programs Are the Wrong Response to the Islamic State

It is counterproductive to treat the anger within Islamist extremism as purely irrational without recognizing some of the grounds for it.
Natasha Lennard
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Obama Vows to 'Degrade and Destroy' Islamic State After Steven Sotloff Killing

President Obama promised that “justice will be served” after the extremist group murdered American journalist Steven Sotloff.
John Beck
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Islamic State Releases Video Requesting Prisoner Swap With Syrian Government

An unidentified speaker, reportedly talking on behalf of the Syrian soldiers being held captive, says the Islamic State is not "blood thirsty” and that “they want justice."
Kayla Ruble