sticky rice


Sticky Rice Has Taken an Unexpected Turn Into Diplomacy

Government officials in Thailand and Cambodia are spreading political messages through huge feasts of sticky rice.
Bettina Makalintal

This Chef Has Dedicated His Life to Perfecting Hainan Chicken and Rice

Johnny Lee has dedicated the last six years of his life to perfecting Hainan-style chicken and rice and will stop at nothing until the world knows what constitutes a proper version of it.
Javier Cabral

The Laotian Monk Offering Ceremony Is Filled with Sticky Rice and Biscuits

Early in the morning, hundreds of people await the arrival of Laotian monks who have taken a vow of poverty. Locals shower them with homemade sticky rice, and fruit as an offering.
Julie Le Baron

Growing Up in the Midwest Didn't Make Me Forget My Laotian Heritage

Growing up as a Laotian immigrant in Kansas, I've had many influences in my life. So when people come in to my restaurant expecting traditional Laotian cuisine, I tell them that it’s inspired by my country, but I won’t be held to one type of cuisine.
Phet Schwader

Eat These Carnivorous Plants Before They Eat You

Resourceful Malaysians have discovered that pitcher plants are delicious when stuffed with rice. Nevermind that these plants eat insects, rats, and even lizards and birds.
Alex Swerdloff

How-To: Make Sai Krok Isan with Kim Wejendorp

Kim Wejendorp from Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen shows us how to make sai krok isan (fermented Thai pork sausages), starting with pork shoulder, sticky rice, and garlic.
Kim Wejendorp
Los Angeles

This Wine Bar Is a Thai Restaurant in Disguise

Wine is an unlikely powerful element of Kris Yenbamroong’s restaurant Night + Market Song, the place that brings authentic, rarified Thai street food traditions to LA. Wine has no place in those traditions, and in Thai food, generally, it has hardly...
Richard Parks