still lives


Photos of an Easter Bunny Meltdown

Happy Easter! Here are some GIFs of classic holiday treats having literal meltdowns.


Love Birds Meet 'The Matrix' in Actress's New Music Video

"I stopped when I ran out of RAM and deleted the project file in a fit of computer rage," says director Nic Hamilton of his sixth music video for the UK electronic artist.


In Photos: Kiev's Beautiful Molotov Cocktails

With fire, the Euromaiden protesters were able to defend their barricades, extend their lines, and fortify their positions.


Cheers to the Revolution: Kiev's Beautiful Molotov Cocktails

Here are some still lifes of Molotov cocktails used in Kiev to set fire to tanks, other armored vehicles, and buses. These little bombs were the only real weapon protesters had against the government's well-armed forces.