How to Not Die

This Is How Festivals Can Stop Encouraging Drug Abuse

“I had been in the sun all day, seeing bands and smoking pot, which made me drowsy. I tried an energy drink, but it didn’t have enough kick.”
Suzannah Weiss
High Wire

Why These People Took Drug Combinations That Nearly Killed Them

We asked overdose survivors about the dangerous trend of mixing opioids with depressants or stimulants, a key part of America's larger crisis.
Maia Szalavitz
nose candy

People Are Getting High By Snorting Fancy Chocolate

Chocolate snuff is the most literal nose candy to date.
Jesse Hicks

People Who Combine Coke and Alcohol Are More Likely to Kill Themselves

But you can't necessarily blame the drugs.
Sally Wadyka

Boner Pills and Sex Stimulants Are Still the Wild West of Herbal Supplements

The few studies on these products seem to suggest that over three quarters of sex supplements found at places like corner stores likely contain pharmaceuticals. That means every gas station pill has potential to be a hazardous pharmaceutical mystery...
Mark Hay

The Disturbing Relationship Between Addiction and ADHD

According to research, about 25 percent of adults who are treated for alcohol and substance abuse also have ADHD.
Leah Sottile

Banned in the US, Qat Juice Is Buzzing in Israel

The psychostimulant plant known as qat—which contains compounds that are chemically similar to ephedrine and amphetamines—is banned in the US and much of Europe. But in Israel, it's legal, prolific, and delicious to chew.
Ilan Ben Zion

The Best and Worst of This Year's Designer Drugs

We talked to psychonauts and browsed through specialty forums to see which substances made waves in 2014.
Thijs Roes and David Meulenbeld