Hacker Camp Makes DIY Phones, Is Bombarded by DIY IMSI Catcher

At this year's Electromagnetic Field hacking and culture festival, attendees' badges were fully functioning phones. But hackers gonna hack.


New Data Gives Peek at European IMSI Catcher Exports

Data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act style-request shows Finnish companies exporting powerful surveillance technology to Mexico, Colombia, and the United Arab Emirates.


How cops hack into your phone without a warrant

A murky web of federal and state statutes determine how easily cops can access data on Americans’ cell phones.


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IMSI Catcher Detection Apps Might Not Be All That Good, Research Suggests

Plenty of people use free Android apps to try and spot IMSI catchers, but research shows the apps can be circumvented.


Why It’s So Hard to Say Who Is Using an IMSI Catcher

Israel, China, Russia? Who was using a surveillance device on Parliament Hill in Ottawa?


Police in Indianapolis Have Had Stingray Cell Site Simulators Since 2012

Previously unreported, the IMPD has had a StingRay since 2012, ascertained from their Non Disclosure Agreement with the FBI.


Here's How Much a StingRay Cell Phone Surveillance Tool Costs

It's a rare look into the pricing and packaging of the cellphone surveillance tech.


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This "Printer" Is Actually a Surveillance Device

Office supplies meet Stingray.


Canadian Police Don’t Want to Talk About How They Spend Surveillance Dollars

Police in Ontario’s biggest cities have received hundreds of thousands of dollars for surveillance equipment. We can’t tell you how they spent it.