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The Photo Issue 2019

Sandy Honig Shoots Outrageously Specific Stock Photos

For our latest photo issue, comedian and photographer Sandy Honig shot hilariously specific images for her ongoing series SandyStock.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Behind the Scenes of Broadly's Gender-Inclusive Stock Photo Library

The Gender Spectrum Collection contains more than 180 images, free for anyone to use, of trans and non-binary models posed in everyday situations.
VICE Staff
gender spectrum collection

Behind the Scenes of Broadly's Gender-Inclusive Stock Photo Shoot

From the set of the Gender Spectrum Collection, photographer Zackary Drucker and models involved in the shoot discuss why transgender and non-binary representation matters.
Broadly Staff

Reflecting on Our Own Use of Trans and Non-Binary People In Stock Images

We spoke with journalist Serena Sonoma and GLAAD representative Nick Adams to discuss Broadly's use of stock photos of trans and non-binary people and what the media industry can do to be more inclusive.
Broadly Staff
editors letter

Why We Created a Gender-Inclusive Stock Photo Library

The Gender Spectrum Collection is a stock photo library featuring trans and non-binary models that aims to help media better represent members of these communities.
Lindsay Schrupp
stock photos

Diverse Stock Photos Have Ushered in a New Era of Memeing

TONL is bringing some color into the super white world of stock photography​. We made memes out of their best pics.
Janae Price
mental health

This Photo Project Is Redefining What Mental Illness Looks Like

The collection of free stock photos shows people dealing with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder—without cowering in their bathrobes.
Kate Antoniades

Think Stock Photos of Hackers Are Cheesy? Blame This Guy

An interview with the man who tries to make typing code look dramatic.
Joseph Cox

Turning Spilled Nail Polish Into Psychedelic, Exploding Forms

Mathiew Missiaen and Cinq Fruits take mundane objects and make them beyond surreal.
Nadja Sayej

I Sold My Family Photos as Agency Stock Images

"I ended up with three kids under 3, and it can get hellishly boring – photography became my creative outlet."
Tshepo Mokoena; Photos: Caran Caravan

Inside Offset, Shutterstock's Surreal, Millennial-Targeted Stock Image Brand

Offset is a high-end photo market created by Shutterstock. Featuring "curated" collections filled bearded men, microbreweries, and series titles like "Stache," the stock photo imprint may be even cheesier than Shutterstock itself.
Dana Schwartz

What Is with These Cat Castration Stock Photos: An Investigation

When we came across stock photos of "tomcat castration" we were intrigued. We asked the mind behind the arresting images for some clarification. (Warning: contains graphic photos.)
Callie Beusman