Decline of the Hard Lad: This Weekend in the Premier League

Crystal Palace finally scored a goal!
Will Magee
festive goalfests and boxing day batterings

Remembering the Greatest Boxing Day in the History of English Football

With Boxing Day one of the most important dates in the domestic football calendar, we expect it to produce some serious entertainment. In 1963, expectations were exceeded by an absurd margin.
Will Magee

Murdoc's Guide to Britain

An exclusive interview with the leader and bass player of the Gorillaz, about booze, Brexit, Ringo Starr, and 'Carry on Matron.'
Angus Harisson
fond old football cliches

Double Or Quits: The Glorious Cliche Of The Relegation ‘Six-Pointer’

With struggling Stoke hosting shabby Sunderland this weekend, the first relegation ‘six-pointer’ of the season is on its way. Here, we explore the psychology of the old cliche, and remember some of the best six-pointers in recent memory.
Will Magee
the hidden cost of a summer splurge

Big Investments, Small Returns: Previewing Manchester United vs. Stoke

In our third and final Premier League Preview of the week, we assess the current worth of Manchester United’s massive summer investment, and spare a thought for poor Stoke.
Will Magee
the cruel reality of modern celebrity

Peter Crouch is Currently Reliving a Night Out From Three Years Ago on the Internet

This is what famous people have been reduced to: desperately trying to piece together memories of their massive benders, all because footage has resurfaced on Twitter.
Will Magee
Britain at Night

I Sleep Where You Danced: What Happens to Nightclubs After They Close Down?

Meet the people who inhabit the obliterated remains of some of Britain's most important nightclubs.
Tess Reidy
The The West is the Best Issue

Rave On Steroids

The most fun I ever had was in a car park in Stoke when I was 14.
Suburban Dwight