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the urge to merge

When Two Remain Two: A Potted History of Failed Soccer Club Mergers

Plans to merge two football clubs are rarely popular and tend to founder, often in the face of overwhelming fan opposition. Here, we revisit some of the grand alliances that never came to pass.
Jim Weeks
premier league

Wayne Rooney's Record-Breaking 250th Goal for Manchester United Couldn't Have Been Prettier

It's hard to imagine a more spectacular way to beat out Sir Bobby Charlton's record—reaching a clean 250 on a clean-ass shot.
Liam Daniel Pierce
premier league

Shaqiri Curls in An Inch-Perfect Golazo From Deep Out

You couldn't fit a farthing between the post and the ball on that one.
Liam Daniel Pierce
the hidden cost of a summer splurge

Big Investments, Small Returns: Previewing Manchester United vs. Stoke

In our third and final Premier League Preview of the week, we assess the current worth of Manchester United’s massive summer investment, and spare a thought for poor Stoke.
Will Magee
the premier league is back and so is david moyes

Premier League Previews: Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland & Swansea City

Our fourth Premier League preview brings together Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland and Swansea City. All will harbour hopes of a top-half finish, but there is a real chance that at least one will be drawn into the relegation battle this term.
Jim Weeks & Will Magee
the cruel reality of modern celebrity

Peter Crouch is Currently Reliving a Night Out From Three Years Ago on the Internet

This is what famous people have been reduced to: desperately trying to piece together memories of their massive benders, all because footage has resurfaced on Twitter.
Will Magee
premier league

Catchy New "We've Got Mesut Özil" Chant Puts the Injured No. 10 at Britannia Stadium—in Spirit

"He's Arsene Wenger's man / He's better than Zidane..."
Liam Daniel Pierce
xherdan shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri Floats a Gorgeous Goal over Tim Howard's Head

Xherdan Shaqiri scored twice for Stoke and his second goal was delightful.
Sean Newell

What the Evolution of Kit Sponsors Tells Us About the Premier League

A look back over two decades of shirt sponsors provides a stripped-down history of the Premier League's rapid financial development.
Alex Hess
premier league

Even Cardboard Coaches Chelsea FC Better than Jose Mourinho

Is that cardboard looking for a job?
Liam Daniel Pierce

Theo Walcott Brings Down Beautiful Özil Long Ball for a Nutmeg Goal

I want this goal tattooed on my back.
Liam Daniel Pierce

VICE Sports Premier League Team by Team Preview Part 2: The Middle Ground

Part two of our Premier League preview features a few clubs with an eye on Europe, others who are looking nervously over their shoulders at the bottom three, and Newcastle, who will manage to do both over the course of the season.
Callum Hamilton