Someone Stole Banksy's Tribute to the Paris Shooting Victims from the Bataclan

The stencil was jacked from the music venue where 90 people lost their lives in a 2015 attack.


A Cryptocurrency Theft Bigger Than Mt. Gox Just Happened In Japan

Coincheck lost 500 million NEM tokens.


The Story Behind the Gang That Stole Millions of Dollars Worth of Rhino Horn

A detailed look at the crimes of the Rathkeale Rovers, the gang that was sentenced today for stealing $80 million worth of rhino horns and Chinese artifacts.


Developers Hope ‘Literally the Worst App’ Won't Be Quite So Bad This Time

The makers of Stolen! are back with new version Famous!—and hope that changes to the app will address harassment concerns.


‘Stolen!’, Pulled Over Harassment Concerns, Belongs to a Kinder Internet Era

With typical irony, Twitter trolls target journalist Holly Brockwell after the app is pulled over harassment concerns.


People Are Begging to Play 'Literally the Worst App'

'Stolen!' has players hooked before it's even out of beta.


A Truck Containing 40,000 Pounds of Burger Meat Has Disappeared

Twenty tons of ground beef is an impressive loot but the numbers can get even more absurd in the dark world of food heists.


FBI Join the Search for Championship Belts Stolen From Boxing Hall of Fame

The Bureau's 16 special agents who deal in international art theft are now helping the International Boxing Hall of Fame's search for six championship belts that were stolen from their museum last week.


Queensland’s Stolen $50k Meteorite Is Still Missing

The manager of the museum it was snatched from says she's sure the rare rock is in the hands of a meteorite fanatic, and she's losing hope of getting it back.


What Do You Do with $70,000 Worth of Stolen Bull Sperm?

Because that's how much recently went missing from a farm in Minnesota.


News of Zealand: Teenagers Awake From Comas, Ride Shopping Trolleys, and Swindle People on the Internet

January isn't even over and we're already discussing the downside of naming a baby 'Anal'


Grandmother Reunites With Grandson Stolen During Argentina's Dictatorship

A 36-year-old music teacher in Argentina is confirmed as a baby taken from a captured dissident during Argentina's brutal Dirty War.