Want to Know Who Partied at Stonehenge? Look at the Pig Bones

Some 4,500 years ago, the ticket to a megalithic party was a pig from your local farm.
Becky Ferreira
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Michael Eavis Says He’s Renamed Glastonbury 2019 as … the Variety Bazaar

"The Glastonbury Festival team presents The Variety Bazaar," to be more specific.
Noisey Staff

Archeologists Were Wrong About 'Superhenge'

The ring of structures underneath Stonehenge are not made of stone.
Madison Margolin
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Stonehenge Stoners and Worshipping Wizards: 12 Hours at the World’s Biggest Pagan Party

We traveled to Stonehenge on the summer solstice—one of the most sacred days for pagans—to find out if the event's spiritual significance has survived the recent influx of drunken revelers.
Broadly Staff
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Stonehenge, Easter Island, Venice: Climate Change Will Destroy Human History

Beloved World Heritage sites all over the world might disappear forever, thanks to climate change.
Sarah Emerson

Whoever Built Stonehenge Really Loved Cheese

The more we learn about the barbecue-eating, cheese-worshipping inhabitants of Stonehenge, the more it becomes obvious that they had awesome taste in food.
Nick Rose

All the Weird Shit I Saw at This Year's Stonehenge Summer Solstice

A boy in a panda hat doing NOS balloons, couples fingering each other in sleeping bags, and a strange tent-human hybrid.
Joe Goodman

The 'Battle of the Beanfield' Was the Beginning of the End for Britain's Illegal Raves

Thirty years ago today, a convoy of new-age travelers—including men, women, and children—on their way to a free party at Stonehenge were savagely beaten by 1,300 cops.
Frankie Mullin
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What Oculus Rift Can Learn From Cave Paintings

The same auditory illusions that inspired ancient art could be used to make virtual reality more convincing.
Jordan Pearson

Long Live King Arthur, Ruler of Stonehenge

Somewhere in the background of your uncle’s routine photos of his summer trip to Stonehenge, chances are you’ll catch a glimpse of a peculiar, burly old man. He’s often there, leaning up along the fences at the edge of the site. Most likely, he’s...
Mark Hay
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Was Stonehenge the Ultimate Rock Gig?

Researchers suggest the stones in the prehistoric monument may have been selected for their sonic qualities.
Victoria Turk

Making Friends at Stonehenge for the End of the World

Throughout my time at Stonehenge I met hippies, Norse gods, ancient kings, bygone warriors, conspiracy theorists, senile Druids, schizophrenics, witches, wizards, demons, hackers, viking families, trance-heads, and even a guy who thought he was a...
Matt Shea, Photos: Jake Lewis