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This Stoner Broke into a Vacant House to Get High and Ran into a Giant Tiger

But the cops just thought they were hallucinating.
River Donaghey

The 15 Best Netflix Documentaries to Watch When You're Stoned

We went beyond 'Planet Earth' to give you the weirdest, most enlightening, and prettiest nonfiction you can stream.
Beckett Mufson

Four People Tell Us How Quitting Weed Changed Their Lives

Following reports that a third of weed smokers have tried and failed to quit, we spoke to former stoners about what motivated them to stop smoking.
David Hillier
Weed Week

The Time I Got Stoned and Listened to My Washing Machine

What is noise, really?
Kyle Kramer
Weed Week

We Asked Teens if It's Really Easier to Get Weed Than Alcohol

And if they really get their weed from a "gangster in a stairwell."
Celeste Yim
New music

Headbang Wildly to Red Fang's New Album 'Only Ghosts' While Playing Their Puzzle Game 'Fangtris'

The struggles of touring, now in video game form.
Phil Witmer

Is It Offensive to Call Someone a 'Stoner'?

Some marijuana activists suggest the language used by most people to describe their movement is keeping them from being taken seriously.
Manisha Krishnan

This Stoned Dude Snapchatted for 24 Hours Straight

An idea that was birthed in pot smoke and ended in a baptism of sewage water. Solid Saturday.
Jake Kivanc
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Germany Will Make Medicinal Cannabis Legal in 2017

Seriously ill patients will have access to medical marijuana with a doctor's presecription by early 2017.
Carlton Férment

This Guy Invented a Pizza Box That Turns into a Weed Pipe

New York designer Nikolas Gregory collaborated with pizza delivery service Push For Pizza to create a pizza box that rolls into a fully functioning pipe. Happy 4/20.
Phoebe Hurst
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Rihanna Might Be Starting a Weed Line Called 'MaRihanna'

Strains like "Karibbean Kush" and "Haitian Haze" could be coming to a dispensary near you as early as 2016.
Michael Cuby
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Black Lung Gets Moody and Monochromatic in the New Video for "Behemoth"

The Baltimore stoner doom upstarts have just released the video for swingin' new single "Behemoth."
Kim Kelly