Stop Motion Animation


[NSFW] Food Is Sexy in This Hungry and Horny Paper Animation

The two paper-made characters aren’t afraid to get a little hot and heavy over some spaghetti.


Liquid Wood? That's What This Stop-Motion Animation Looks Like

'WoodSwimmer,' by Brett Foxwell, looks like a timelapse but was made by hand.


[Premiere] This Surreal Music Video Is Built Entirely From Paintings

Jesse Woods' new single "Smoke Machine" finds surreal visual form in the hand painted fantasy lands of French artist Jérémy Pailler.


[Premiere] Enter a Stop-Motion Dreamworld of Hand-Cut Collage in The Seshen's New Music Video

Sliced up magazines bring the The Seshen’s single “Colors Collide” to collaged life in the surreal new music video from Jesse Cafiero.


A 3D-Printed Bust Comes Alive in Dan Sultan's New Music Video

Dropbear's music video for Dan Sultan’s "Magnetic" combines 3D printing and stop-motion animation with projection mapping.


Here's a Claymation Crime Story Where Dick Tracy Is an Egg

A bacon pimp, an olive forensics specialist, and two dicks color this food crime procedural.


Projected Animals Light Up an Island in the Azores

Video artist duo VJ Suave released videos of their project for the Walk & Talk artist residency on Sao Miguel Island.


Feast Your Eyes on an Animated Papercraft Banana Split

The Melbourne-based studio yelldesign has a thing for making food out of paper, and animating it in stop-motion.


Decades Later, HouseSpecial Is Still "Animation for the Masses"

Talking to the animation house behind 20 years of M&M’s commercials.


Land Art Animations Piece Life Itself Together

Inanimate earthly objects come to life in Paul Johnson's invigorating stop-motion short, 'Landthropologic, Earthworks In Motion.'


Colorful Octopus Eyes Open in Stop-Motion [Music Video]

Dream pop outfit Inspired & the Sleep get an otherworldly aquatic treatment in Robert Crispe's video for "Die Slow."


A Ghost Visits Loved Ones in a Tender Animation

A Dutch filmmaker looks at the experience of those we leave behind in 'Jorka'.