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Guarding an Island Prison with Killer Crocodiles Is a Shitty Idea

We asked experts to explore the logistics of Indonesian Commander General Budi Waseso's plan to create an island prison for drug offenders that is guarded by up to 1,000 crocodiles, not to mention a few tigers and piranhas thrown into the mix.


TBone Had His Butt Cheeks Sewn Together and Now Has No Butt Crack

We talked with the man with no buttcrack, who had his cheeks sewn together due to servere pilonidal cysts.


The Greek Government Might Be Better Friends with Golden Dawn Than We Thought

A taped conversation recently released by the far-right organization has found the Greek PM's right-hand man in deep shit.


NYC's Greek Fascists the Golden Dawn Are Terrible Dinner Dates

The New York City cell of Greece's right wing organization are a bunch of assholes.


Alabama’s Strip Clubs of Death

Most of the time, shootings in strip clubs are rare occurrences, the result of a drunk who’s thrown out of the club and comes back with a gun for revenge. But in Alabama the strip-club murder rate is completely out of control. Curious to see the sites...


Please Stop Believing

I like to think of myself as an equal-opportunity offender, that all religions are just different sides of the same million-or-so-headed coin to me. The specifics of what ancient person has what magic power according to whatever secret text is simply a...


The ATL Twins Would Like to Introduce You to the Li’l Twins

The world has always been a really scary place, but it just got a little more terrifying now that we've been introduced to the Li’l Twins—the best buds of our favorite double-penetrating duo, the ATL Twins—in Matt Swinsky's twisted-ass video series...


A Catholic Hospital Is Arguing That a Fetus Is Not a Person

Legally, the argument is sound. Colorado, the state, does not define a fetus as a person. But what kind of blatant hypocrisy would motivate a Catholic hospital to argue in court that only individuals born alive are people?


All Welcome the Bomb-Sniffing Mice Infestation

An Israeli biologist named Eran Lumbroso wants to make mice the cutest little soldiers in the global war on terror, and if his efforts are successful they could result in mass layoffs of bomb-sniffing dogs.


Your Dog Is Full of Dirty Diseases

Recent research has shown that sharing an ice cream cone with your dog or letting your cat nap on your face isn’t just unhygienic, it could kill you, shit-for-brains, so cut it out.


The Government Wants to Stop This Guy from Boning His Dog

Michael Kiok from zoophile organization ZETA is the only person standing up for those who like to toss off horses by publicly opposing the law. I called him up to see how the new law will affect him and his fellow zoophiles.


Anonymous Is Trying to Destroy 'The Most Hated Man on the Internet'

A couple of days ago Anonymous announced they were launching an operation named #OpHuntHunter against the founder of, which, if you're unfamiliar with its modus operandi, was a website where sad men could post revealing images sent to...