Strategy Games


20 Years Later, ‘Jagged Alliance 2’ Remains an Irreplaceable Tactics Game

A renaissance in tactics games has never come close to matching one of the classics of 1999.


‘They Are Billions’ Gets the Single-Player Campaign Nobody Needed

Well, they certainly feel like billions.


'The Colonists' Is a Cute, Rewarding, and Dystopian Space Exploration Game

Look on my throughput and despair.


'Mutant Year Zero' Is the Rare Tactics Game Where Scouting Is Actually Fun

Why the stealth-to-combat transition remains one of the toughest in games.


A Narrative Strategy Game That Confronts the Nature of Power

A lot of games are about collecting of power and resources, but 'Dust & Salt' asks how and why you want to wield them.


'Rome 2' Finds the Limits of Reinvention in 'Rise of the Republic'

With a new patch and DLC, 'Rome 2' is the best possible version of its deeply flawed, awkwardly structured and paced strategy epic.


When Being Terrible at a Game Is the Most Compelling Way to Play

With repeated losses and defeats, sometimes the idea of improving becomes the main attraction.


How 'Total War: Three Kingdoms' Aims to Kill the Devil in the Details

With bigger maps, longer ranges, and reimagined sieges, 'Three Kingdoms' looks like it's granting a lot of fans' wishes.


'Thrones of Britannia' Is More Misadventure Than Reinvention for Total War

Some good ideas are buried by the bad ones, or obscured by some glaring problems.


A Survival Game That Dispenses the Usual Survival Bullshit

'Dead in Vinland' makes a strong statement about survival, specialization and cooperation.


Winning Is Fun, But Not Knowing What Victory Means Might Be Better

The 'Terraforming Mars' board game kept me guessing right until the end, which is something I'd like more strategy games to try.


Surviving the Cold Winters of 'Northgard' Means Somebody Has to Die

'Northgard' pits you against brutal blizzards, difficult armies, and the ruler you want to be versus the one that you are.