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Black Power Naps

This Comic About Street Harassment Is a Reminder You're Not Alone

Ornella Ospino's graphic story follows an Afro-Latinx trans woman dealing with street harassment through ancestral ritual.
Ornella Ospino
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Suspect Allegedly Behind Viral Paris Catcall Attack Has Been Arrested

CCTV footage caught the harasser hitting a woman outside a cafe on her walk home from work.
Lauren Messman
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NYC Taps 'Stop Telling Women to Smile' Artist to Help Fight Street Harassment

Brooklyn artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh talks about collaborating with the city's Human Rights Commission and how street harassment relates to the #MeToo moment.
Sarah Burke
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This Drama Workshop Is Teaching Kids About Sexual Harassment—And How To Challenge It

How do you educate schoolkids about complicated issues like sexism and sexual violence? The answer might lie in a unique drama workshop being trialled in London and northeast England.
Sirin Kale

Meet the Woman Who Went Viral for Taking Selfies with Her Catcallers

"I noticed that all of those catcallers loved posing for pictures with me; they weren't suspicious at all. This shows that they don't view their own behavior as unwanted."
Vera Kurpershoek
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It's Time for Men to Stop Letting Women Get Catcalled

It's amazing how often "you should learn to take a compliment" is said by fully grown men who still haven't learned how to take rejection.
Christine Estima
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India's 'Anti-Romeo' Campaign to Make Women Safer Has Become a Huge Problem

Street harassment, sexual harassment, and stalking are huge problems in India. But a new right-wing solution—setting up police groups tasked with targeting male harassers—has fostered paranoia and abuse, limiting the freedoms it was supposed to protect.
Sunaina Kumar
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Mexico City installs a penis seat on the subway to fight sexual harassment

Mexico City’s latest effort against sexual harassment is a metro seat designed to look like a man’s chest, torso, and penis.
Kevin Urgiles
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Scores of Women Attacked During New Year's Eve 'Mass Molestation' in Bangalore

People in the Indian city have reported shocking stories of being sexually assaulted and terrorised by groups of men during New Year. One victim shares her experience.
Sirin Kale

You Can Now Get Fined for Street Harassment in Argentina

In a unanimous vote, the city of Buenos Aires has enacted a law making public sexual harassment illegal in hopes of diminishing gender-based violence.
Anna-Cat Brigida

All the Shit You Have to Deal with Walking Alone as a Woman

Women from 13 cities across Europe talk about what it's like to walk alone.
VICE Staff

Street Harassment Is Now a Hate Crime, Declares Police Department

The Nottinghamshire Police department in the UK is now considering misogynistic incidents to be hate crimes. But will it help?
Candace Bryan