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NYC Settles With Hundreds of Street Vendors After Trashing Their Food Carts

“They took everything from me. I tried to save my food, but they threw away my food and my cart and everything.”
Diana Hubbell
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An Inside Look at New York City Street Vendors' Fight to Survive

The city only gives out 4,000 permits a year, creating a black market for vendors securing them illegally—but now one local legislator is pushing to offer up more.
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Inside NYC's Street Vendors' Fight to Survive

"Right now, the way the laws are enforced is sporadic and unfair and it doesn’t work for anyone."
Diana Hubbell
Los Angeles

LA Will Finally Legalize Street Food Vending in 2019

Without legal protection, vendors run the risk of confiscation, jail, and in some cases, deportation.
Lauren Rothman
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This Is What Undocumented Street Vendors Think About Donald Trump

What tonight's results will look like according to the street vendors selling your favorite Mexican street foods.
Javier Cabral

Why Protesters Threw Two Tons of French Fries on This City Hall

There’s truly no greater form of civil disobedience than dumping a massive amount of delightful French fries all over of your oppressor’s front doorway.
Alex Swerdloff
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'Fishball Revolution' Creates Chaos on Hong Kong Streets During Lunar New Year Fest

Lunar New Year celebrations in Hong Kong descended into chaos in the early hours of Tuesday morning as street food vendors clashed violently with police, culminating in gunshots fired by officers.

Getting Busted By the Cops Made My Taco Truck Take Off

Everything was going fine until two cops rolled up and asked, “Do you have your permits?” I answered yes, but I didn’t have the permits. I thought it was all over but little did I know that run-in with the law was just what my business needed.
Wesley Avila
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NYC Street Vendors Want to End the Black Market for Permits

In 1981, NYC permanently capped the available number of food cart permits at 3,000. While the permits originally cost $200, vendors are now renting them on the black market for up to $25,000 annually.
Matthew Sedacca

New York City Vendors Can No Longer Charge Tourists $30 for a Hot Dog

After a hot dog vendor was caught grossly overcharging an out-of-towner, New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs has pledged to aggressively police price gouging, especially at the city’s visitor hotspots.
Jesse Hirsch

In Defense of Times Square

New York has become an overpriced, creativity-stifling, bourgeoisie city. Times Square, on the other hand, remains beautifully full of chain restaurants and street vendors. It might be the only honest part of Manhattan left.
Megan Koester
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The Other Hot Dog King of New York: A Chat With Ed Beller, Inventor of Stainless-Steel Pushcarts

Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of hot dogs steaming from a bright, shiny curbside cart. What’s more New York than that? Not much. And seeing as nobody running around this city has time to sit down for a long, wholesome lunch break anymore, today's ever...
Rachel Walden