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How a Closeted Strip Club Kingpin Became an FBI Snitch

Michael Blutrich has kept more secrets in his life than anyone should. Now, out of prison and with a new memoir, he's spilling.
Matt Baume

Male Strip Club Employees Tell Us Their Craziest Bachelorette Party Stories

Forget penis straws and tiaras, these women take turnt-up bachelorette parties to another level.
Allison Tierney

Photos from Inside Atlanta's Strip Clubs

We caught up with Scottish photographer Ivan Wigan, whose series 'The Gods' is a celebration of the culture and community around hip-hop in the American South.
Karley Sciortino
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A Canadian Strip Club Is Offering Free Lap Dances to Fort McMurray Wildfire Escapees

An Edmonton strip club with sister location in Fort McMurray wants to raise tens of thousands of dollars for relief efforts with an upcoming strip-a-thon.
Sarah Berman

A ‘Dwarf Toss’ in a Strip Club Still Draws a Big Crowd, Apparently

We went to one such event in Canada, where no one seemed to have a problem with the controversial "sport," including the man being thrown.
Dean Scott

Meet the Stand-Up Comic Who Got Great Material from Being a Stripper

We spoke to Jacqueline Frances (a.k.a. Jacq the Stripper), the author of "The Beaver Show," a new memoir about being a gay stripper, about all the weirdness that goes along with the job.
Manisha Krishnan

I Hung Out With Honey Boo Boo's Mom at a Strip Club on New Year's Eve

The extravaganza was everything I'd hoped it would be and so much more.
Jesse Farrar

9 Strip Club & Lap Dance Etiquette Rules Explained by Strippers

If you're a casual strip club goer, the rules can be fuzzy. Here's your guide to proper strip club behavior, according to strippers: wear deodorant, don't jizz in your pants, and for god's sake don't forget to tip.
Zachary Schwartz
Amy Lombard

Catching Up with the Canadian Woman from the Viral Threesome Video at Her Strip Club Debut

After Alexis Frulling became famous for having sex, getting a normal job in her hometown became impossible—so she's going on a tour of strip joints to pay the bills.
Mack Lamoureux

We Went on a Tour of All of East London's Grubby 'Strip Pubs'

These are the kind of charming places where a half-naked woman walks around with a pint glass for you to drop pound coins in.
John Lucas

Two DEA Employees Are in Trouble for Allegedly Lying About Running a Strip Club

David Polos and Glen Glover have been accused of hiding their shady side gig during a federal background check.
Mike Pearl

How Does Mardi Gras Affect the New Orleans Sex Economy?

Hundreds of millions of dollars flow into the city for the annual celebration, but do sex workers benefit from that orgy of spending? I talked to some strippers and escorts to find out.
April Adams