Body Positivity

Dancing in a Body-Positive Strip Show Taught Me How to be Fat and Sexy

Growing up, I always felt sexiness was something reserved for thin people. Stripping helped change that.
Alison Stevenson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Kindergarten Welcomes Kids Back to School with a Professional Pole Dancer

A warm back-to-school welcome, indeed.
Drew Schwartz
The Scarlet Letter Reports

Amber Rose Doesn't Care What the Media Gets Wrong About Her

Amber Rose sits down with host Amanda Knox to discuss how her experiences with the media have shaped her feminism and how she handles harassment today for The Scarlet Letter Reports.
Amanda Knox

The Hardest Part About Stripping Wasn't Taking My Clothes Off

Before Holly started stripping, she didn't realize how much emotional labor the job would involve—or how empowering financial independence could be.
Holly Darling

Will Somebody, Anybody, Make Some Noise for Stormy Daniels?

The porn star is on a stripping tour in the middle of a scandal that is being curiously ignored by most of America.
Eve Peyser
Video Games, But Real Life

On the Impressively Positive Vibes of Video Game Burlesque

At this show you’re more likely to see Venom Snake slip out of a sheepskin than Fulton a spring lamb back to Mother Base.
Kate Gray
sex work

Sex Workers Describe the Moment They Told Friends and Family What They Do

"Mom cried when I told her, and blamed her parenting for the choices I'd made."
Samantha Howard

Male Strippers Open Up About Drugs, the Women They Meet, and the Roles They Play

There's some solid reasons to not take Viagra before dancing.
Neha Chandrachud

Things I Learned as a Naked Carny

When you make your living stripping as part of a traveling freak show, you quickly acquire a set of questionable life skills.
Tristan Risk

Male Strip Club Employees Tell Us Their Craziest Bachelorette Party Stories

Forget penis straws and tiaras, these women take turnt-up bachelorette parties to another level.
Allison Tierney

Strippers Review Drake, Beyonce, and Prince Songs

Strippers and strip club DJs have an influential taste-making ability in hip-hop. In our new series, Striptique, we test out some new music (and some old tunes) at the club and ask the exotic dancers which ones make them want to move.
VICE Staff
Zachary Schwartz

The Messed-Up Story Behind Alberta’s Sad Tradition of Throwing Coins at Strippers

"The funny thing about being a stripper in Alberta is that when a coin hits your body you can tell, 'Oh, that's a quarter.'"
Mack Lamoureux