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The College Program That De-Stigmatizes Mental Health Care in Sports

TOPPS is a mental health program at UNLV specifically tailored to the individual needs of athletes geared toward optimizing performance in sports, and life.
B. David Zarley
Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons Highlights Absurdity of NCAA in New Documentary

Ben Simmons says going to class was a waste of time, and that the NCAA is "fucked up."
Sean Newell
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Former USC Football Player Sues NCAA and PAC-12 for Unpaid Wages

Lamar Dawson says the NCAA and PAC-12 owe him back pay because he falls under the statutory definition of an employee.
Sean Newell
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Teachers Should Demand to Use College Football Facilities, Starting with Clemson's $55 Million Monstrosity

Clemson's $55 million football facilities will be great for the players, and the teachers should start demanding free use of it, too.
Ty Schalter
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Four Years A Student-Athlete: The Racial Injustice of Big-Time College Sports

While the NCAA’s rules governing college athletes are colorblind, the impact of amateurism is anything but—disproportionately costing black football and men's basketball players and benefiting white stakeholders by as much as $2 billion a year.
Patrick Hruby

"Doubly Absurd": On Teaching College Athletes

Division I athletes do not lead the same lives as their classmates. They know this. Anyone who studies with them, lives with them, teaches them or coaches them has to know this.
Evan McGarvey

"Nice Lady" Teaches Children's Books Course to University of Texas Athletes

At least the textbook costs are low.
Aaron Gordon

"we enrolled him in the school of law and kept him eligible": College Football in 1896

The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Aaron Gordon

John Oliver Discusses the Sham of NCAA Amateurism

John Oliver tells some funny jokes about things we've already known for a long time about the outrage of NCAA amateurism.
Sean Newell

USC Football Team Doctor Admits to Ignoring FDA and NCAA Painkiller Regulations

Doctors are supposed to tell patients what medications they're using and the risks they carry, but USC's team doctor couldn't be bothered to do either.
Aaron Gordon
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The NCAA Is Becoming More and More Absurd

The NCAA has made a habit of laying bare its absurd logic when it comes to slapping suspensions on college athletes.
Smriti Sinha
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The NCAA's Shameful Failure To Insure Its Athletes

The NCAA continues to profit off athletes without providing adequate health insurance. Will new conference rules change anything?
Smriti Sinha