student debt crisis

student debt crisis

Elizabeth Warren Is Taking Her Plan to Cancel 75% of Student Debt to Congress

The bill would partially fulfill one of her presidential campaign promises.
Morgan Baskin

TV Show 'Grown-ish' Is Offering to Pay Off $125,000 of Student Debt

Ahead of its season two premiere, the show announced a grant program for people 18-and-up.
Taylor Hosking
Rise Up

College Is for the Rich, Now More Than Ever

Higher education is increasingly out of reach for many low-income, working-class and middle-class Americans.
Kimberly Lawson

Student Loan Debt Is Leaving Women Broke and Vulnerable

More women are going to college than ever before—but once they graduate, they have more debt and less pay than their male peers. And it's creating a systemic wealth gap that lasts a lifetime.
Jill Filipovic

President Obama, VICE, and US Students Talk Student Debt Issues in Roundtable Discussion

VICE founder Shane Smith hosted a round-table discussion with President Obama and five students who discussed the challenges surrounding student debt and the pursuit of higher education in the US.
Olivia Becker

Starbucks’ Tuition Reimbursement Is Profoundly Depressing

The new Starbucks deal might seem like a win-win, but it's really just part of Howard Schultz's political agenda.
Peter Lawrence Kane
Opinion and Analysis

The Student Debt Crisis Needs a More Radical Reaction Than Obama's Weak Politics

The president's new executive order will help just a fraction of young debtors. So maybe a massive student debt strike is the answer.
Natasha Lennard