How 2016 Became the Year Politicians Forgot How Politics Work

The world's scheming geniuses have spent 2016 completely screwing everything up.
Sam Kriss
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Someone Guarding a 'Muslim-Free' Gun Shop Accidentally Shot Himself in the Arm

He dropped his gun while protecting the store from terrorists.
Mike Pearl

English Right Wingers Tried to Confront Russell Brand in Newcastle

They crashed a book group meeting to discuss Brand's "Revolution," but the leftist celebrity wasn't there, so they just caused a scene and left.
Joel Golby

Meet the Two Guys Who Are Doomed to Watch ‘Grown Ups 2’ for Eternity

Every Monday, Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt wake up at 9 AM to watch the Adam Sandler ensemble comedy and then discuss the movie on a podcast called <i>The Worst Idea of All Time</i>.
Dan Ozzi

TED Talks Aren't Making My Generation Smart – They're Making Us Stupid

I haven't had an independent thought in years. Sometimes, I forget my own name.
David Whelan

English Idiots Hold Annual Stinging-Nettle Eating Contest

A stinging nettle is basically just a green pole with thousands of tiny knives attached to it. For reasons that aren't totally clear, a town in England has a contest once a year to see who can stuff the most of these torturous stalks down his or her...
Mark Hay

The Continued Stupidity of the Government Shutdown

The world economy might be in danger thanks to a group of Republicans stuck in a feedback loop of information and a few powerful men committed to playing an extremely high-stakes game of chicken. This is not good.
Harry Cheadle

My Old Navy Addiction

Over the past few years, I've bought 81 graphic tees. Dozens of shorts, both board and cargo. My name is Jizz Jussinger. I am 58 years old, the author of "Some Kids Play Football but It's Complicated," father of three, husband. And I am a shopaholic.
Jizz Jussinger

The Longest Horoscope Ever

The Bible has been able to spoil so much of human history because it is just is so fucking vague. Want to sleep with your little cousin? Surely there's something in there that'd give you the thumbs up.
Rick Paulas