How Researchers Track Malware

What is malware, exactly? Well, ultimately just some lines of code.


Stuxnet, American Sanctions, and Cyberwar Are Legitimizing Iranian Internet Controls

The anxiety about cyberattacks and the perceived need for greater control in the wake of American economic sanctions has led to a loss of internet freedom in Iran.


Researchers Uncover New Version of the Infamous Flame Malware

They also found evidence that Stuxnet has ties to another malware family. The discoveries were made using tools and techniques only available to researchers in recent years.


Nuclear Power Plants Have a 'Blind Spot' for Hackers. Here's How to Fix That.

Malware hunters, regulators, and plant employees are hunting further down the supply chain for vulnerabilities as hackers continue to target critical infrastructure.


The New Shadow Brokers Leak Connects the NSA to the Stuxnet Cyber Weapon Used on Iran

Researchers have found a hidden gem inside the treasure trove of the new alleged NSA hacking tools dumped by the Shadow Brokers.


How to See Stuxnet? 'Zero Days' Filmmakers Find an Unlikely Answer in VR

New media artist Yasmin Elayat and production company Scatter teamed up with 'Zero Days' filmmaker Alex Gibney to create 'Zero Days VR.'


How Hackers Plant False Flags to Hide Their Real Identities

Telling who’s behind a cyberattack is tricky.


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In tonight's season finale of 'Black Market' Michael K. Williams talks with the young Brits who shoplift in order to buy drugs.


The History of Stuxnet: The World’s First True Cyberweapon

How the world’s first-ever cyberweapon changed the history, and the future, of computer security.


War As Easy As Typing: Alex Gibney Spills the Secrets of 'Zero Days'

A lesson in the dangers of cyber weapons—which, like so many modern tools, are the dangers of unintended consequences, and the dangers of going too far.


There's a Stuxnet Copycat, and We Have No Idea Where It Came From

Although the malware might just be a research project, it still went undetected for some time.


Cybersecurity Researchers Are Hunted from All Sides

Hunted for doing their job, security experts face both digital and real-world threats ranging from “subtle pressure” to Molotov cocktails.