So Here's a Coast Guard Dude Just Surfing a 40-Foot Narco-Sub Packed With Cocaine

Only 11% of cartel subs in the Pacific Ocean are ever caught.
Kelly Vinett
under the sea

Watch Fish Swim By Petabytes of Data at Microsoft’s Underwater Data Center

It’s pretty surreal to watch all these fish congregate around the data center like it’s an artificial reef.
Daniel Oberhaus
Russia sanctions

The U.S. is worried about Russian submarines spying on the internet

The Treasury Department just slapped sanctions on a Russian company that built a spy submarine for the FSB.
Greg Walters
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Inventor Sentenced to Life for Murder of Journalist Kim Wall on Submarine

A Danish court found Peter Madsen guilty of "premeditated killing" on Wednesday.
River Donaghey
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Inventor Charged with Killing Journalist Kim Wall Aboard Submarine

Peter Madsen, 47, could face life in prison.
Lauren Messman
Missing submarine

Time—and oxygen—are running out for the crew of Argentina's lost submarine

Alexa Liautaud
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Inventor Admits to Dismembering, Not Killing, Journalist Kim Wall on Submarine

Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who still claims he didn't kill Wall, is now saying the journalist died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Lauren Messman
The Great War

Divers just found a German U-boat from WWI with 23 bodies inside

Alex Lubben
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Missing Journalist's Body Identified After Bizarre Submarine Incident

Danish police have found part of Kim Wall's body near Copenhagen's coast after a local inventor admitted she died onboard his homemade vessel and that he "buried her at sea."
Drew Schwartz

Chicken Finger Sub Recipe

It's Matty Matheson's favorite so you know this shit is f-ing good.
Robo Mart
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Boaty McBoatface Is Finally Hitting the Seas

It should probably be called "Subby McSubmarineface," though.
River Donaghey

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat for This Shark Sculpture

A discarded fuel tank from a F-94 bomber transforms into a miniature kinetic submarine sculpture.
Nathaniel Ainley