Meatball Subs

Pork and veal balls, mozzarella, and red sauce, all stuffed in a baguette.
Walter Foods

Jared Fogle's Ex-Wife Is Suing Subway for Allegedly Hiding His Sex Crimes

Will the health-conscious sandwich peddlers over at Subway ever truly be free of the public relations scourge that is Jared Fogle?
Alex Swerdloff
ask a hooker

A Sex Worker Explains How to Send Better Sexts

"Fluorescent lights are a battle I will never win, but if you're twenty-two and have never smoked a cigarette in your life, then by all means, roll the dice."
Lydia Faithfull

Actual Cuckolds Are Pissed Off at the Far Right Using 'Cuck' as an Insult

Cucks are people too.
Mike Pearl

Tender Photos of an NYC BDSM Street Festival

At the annual fetish fair Folsom Street East in NYC, all of the kinksters came out to have some old fashioned fun in the sun, which, for a group used to dark bars, dingy hotel rooms, and makeshift dungeons, was a welcomed change of scenery.
Zak Krevitt

Photos of Fetish Pups Frolicking at a Leather Convention

Photos of the Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend, which draws in kinksters and a wide range of leather enthusiasts to socialize and engage in workshops focusing on pet play, rope bondage, electro-play, flogging, power exchange, and more.
Zak Krevitt

This BDSM Consultant Teaches Famous Actors How to Use Whips

For the past decade, Olivia Troy has been consulting for TV shows, film sets, and Broadway plays to help actors and writers get it right when it comes to portraying kink on screen or stage.
Julia Alsop

Jared from Subway Is Being Investigated for Kiddie Porn

The Subway spokesman is worth $15 million for his commercials and appearances on behalf of the sandwich chain, but this morning his home was raided in connection with child pornography.
Munchies Staff
new jersey

Post-Apocalyptic Dining in Atlantic City

I love Atlantic City—the 24-hour bars, the Jersey singles on the prowl, and the tackiness of it all. You can still find an amazing sub sandwich there, too, as the city's restaurants have begun to pick up the slack left by shuttered casinos.
Gerry Visco
Girl Writer

I Can't Decide Whether I Want to Have a Sex Slave

Men keep trying to get me to dominate them—financially, physically, and emotionally. The only problem is, I don't even know if I actually enjoy it.
Alison Stevenson

Canada Wants 'Submarine Escape Training' For Its Shitty Subs

It's supposed to be reassuring to Canadian sailors serving on rusting, crashing subs.
Ben Makuch
Motherboard Blog

Cartel Narco Boats Are Hammering the West Coast

As it turns out, they're bringing a whole lot more than mediocre weed and high-grade Central American blow.
Brian Anderson