'Strange Tales from Summer Bay,' Today's Comic by Ross Murray

In this beautiful town, people go missing, inmates dig up graves, and people are just a little too candid about their feelings.
Ross Murray
Mother's Day

The Secret to Creating Art While Raising a Family? Make Your Kids Part of It.

Parenting expertise and artistic expression combine under the roof of Hillerbrand+Magsamen.
Diana Shi
land art

A Mirrored House By Doug Aitken Reflects California's Desert Beauty and Solitude

The piece is Aitken's contribution to Desert X, the first biennial for desert art.
Annie Armstrong

'It Allowed Me to Feel Like a Piece of Ham in a Tube Top': A Eulogy for Wet Seal

A somber reflection on the "edgy" teen retailer, which announced today that it would shutter all its stores.
Lauren Oyler

Photos of Christmas in LA Look Like the Opening Credits of a Horror Film

Markus Henttonen's photo series proves that holiday lights can be pretty creepy.
Beckett Mufson

An Exploration Into Goth Culture in Suburbia

On the next episode of VICELAND's show BALLS DEEP, host Thomas Morton explores goth culture, moms, and exorcisms.
Lili Emtiaz
The 2016 Fiction Issue

'Family Picnic,' a Short Story by Robert Coover

A family takes a picnic in their new smart car. They are attacked by helicopters and have other troubles.
Robert Coover

These Chefs Left the City to Make Perfect Burgers in the Middle of Nowhere

If you build it, they will come, or at least cheap rent, quality produce, and a solid community helped to generate one of England's best undiscovered burgers.
Merlin Jobst
The Music Issue

'Universal Harvester': An Excerpt from John Darnielle's New Novel

Bob spent most of the year by himself in a farmhouse on a property he owned outside Collins. If he still hunted or fished, it wasn't with anybody he'd known back when he lived in town: Nobody really knew what Bob did with his time.
John Darnielle

Sculpture Exhibition Paints a Bleak Portrait of the Middle Class' Future

3D-printed, humans sealed within plastic bags, make a strong statement in Josh Kline’s new show, 'Unemployment.'
Andrew Nunes
vice shorts

Watch This Hilarious Retro Short Film About a Teenager's Search for His Real Dad

In 'Gutpunch,' 15-year-old Adam discovers that his biological father could be any one of the desperadoes from a 1980s video-dating tape and embarks on a suburban quest to find the man he can now call 'Dad.'
Jeffrey Bowers

Adult Swim's Creepy New Short Is the 'Too Many Cooks' of Surveillance

Naturally, 'This House Has People in It' is even darker, weirder, and more unexpected.
Beckett Mufson