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How One-Way Friendships Leave You Broke

It’s fine to splurge on friends or to help when they’re in need but not if it puts you in a bind or it’s a sign of a bigger problem with your friendship.
Julien Saunders
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Making People Laugh for a Living Sucks

The horrible, depressing life of a traveling comedian.
Sam Tallent

Trump’s Least Favorite Agency Had Some Big Wins This Year

But who knows what Trump’s EPA pick will do.
Meredith Rutland Bauer
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DJ Khaled Gives Us the Keys to His Snapchat Success

On this episode of 'Daily VICE' we meet up with DJ Khaled during his tour with Beyoncé to find out how he became a social media sensation.
VICE Staff
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Talking to David Cross About the Worst Time in His Life, His Proudest Moment, and His Biggest Regret

The 'Todd Margaret' and 'Arrested Development' actor told us about severed fingers and shouting "transvestite!" at a schoolboy.
Joel Golby
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A New Study Says if You Were a Premature Baby You're More Likely to Be a Poor Adult

Among other things, they're more likely to be virgins well into their thirties.
Mike Pearl

We Asked Our Parents if They're Disappointed in How We Turned Out

"As a mom you just hope your baby won't end up in the gutter, hooked on alcohol and drugs. Well, at least you're not in the gutter, are you?"
VICE Staff

John McManus Wrote the Best Short Story About a Thomas Jefferson Clone You’ll Read This Year

We spoke to the author of "Fox Tooth Heart" about his long break from publication and why shame is the most powerful and revealing emotion.
Michael Hafford
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A College in Virginia Wants Merriam-Webster to Change Their Definition of 'Success'

Strayer University thinks that the official definition of "success" is outdated and is taking strides to change it.
Michael Cuby

Jon Mikl Thor, the Canadian DIY Thunder God Who Was Almost a Rock Star

The He-Man lookalike reflects on his career as a bodybuilder, musician, and actor.
Justine Smith

The Secret of KEN Mode's 'Success'

The noisy hardcore band quit their jobs to focus on their new album, 'Success.'
Ben Sailer

Seattle's Success Prove Buying Flowers Is Cool, Even for Bearded Gruff-Punks

Listen to "Flowers" and feel good about that bouquet you're carrying.
Noisey Staff