Suez Canal


The Statue of Liberty Was Originally Intended to Celebrate the End of American Slavery

We spoke with Ed Berenson, author of The Statue of Liberty: A Transatlantic Story, about the little-known origins of the iconic statue in New York Harbor.


Ships Are Bypassing the Suez and Panama Canals Because Oil Is So Cheap

Container ships and oil tankers are reverting to 19th century shipping routes, traveling several thousand extra miles around the Horn of Africa rather than paying canal fees.


Egypt Just Agreed To Buy Two Giant French Warships Originally Promised To Russia

French and Egyptian officials have negotiated a $1.06 billion price tag for the two Mistral Warships, which are expected to be delivered to Egypt in March 2016.


Egypt's President Vows to Defeat Terrorists During Suez Canal Expansion Ceremony

More than 140 years after its initial opening, the government hopes the expansion project will double the annual revenue generated by the canal.


The Cost of Progress? We Meet Some of the Thousands of Sinai Villagers Displaced by Suez Canal Expansion

VICE News visited the villages in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula that have been demolished to make way for an expansion to the Suez Canal, in what lawyers say is an illegal eviction.


Egypt's Expansion of the Suez Canal Could Ruin the Mediterranean Sea

Scientists fear that Egypt's $8.5 billion plan to expand the 101-mile canal will lead to the spread of invasive species from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.