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There's a Mental Health Crisis Among Florida's Kids

We followed three teenagers as they navigated Florida’s mental health system and the Baker Act
Cassie Giraldo
Isobel Yeung
The Power and Privilege Issue

How a Teen Tried to Heal Her Town After Losing Two Friends to Suicide

By the end of 2016, Nina Griffiths, a teen from New Zealand, had won $10,000 in funding for a youth center, expanded their peer-support program, and propelled the conversation about youth suicide back onto the national stage.
Tess McClure
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This group thinks gun stores are the key to suicide prevention

The Gun Shop Project finds it's more effective to work with the gun community — rather than treat them like the enemy
Josh Hersh

Facebook legally can’t roll out its suicide prevention AI in Europe

David Gilbert
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Trial to decide if bullying that led to suicide is manslaughter

VICE News investigates the suicide of Kenneth Sutner to understand if someone can be held criminally responsible for another's suicide.
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TV's obsession with suicide can do real harm

Simply prompting conversations about suicide is no longer enough to forgive problematic portrayals that can do real harm to those at risk.
Oriana Schwindt
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Facebook’s New Algorithm Combs Posts to Identify Potentially Suicidal Users

The site needs to strike a delicate balance between privacy and safety, but experts say it’s the right move.
Kaleigh Rogers

How Suicide-Prevention Experts Pitched a Gun Show

More than half of all suicides in the United States are carried out with a firearm, and gun suicides make up the majority of fatal shootings.
Maura Ewing

My One Shift as a Suicide Prevention Hotline Worker

An unexpected source of my extreme discomfort: the very people I was trying to help.
Patia Braithwaite
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I Talked Hundreds of People Out of Jumping Off the Golden Gate Bridge

"When I first found out this was part of the beat, I was angry. I had no training in this."
Rick Paulas

I Shot Myself in the Head and Survived

I can only imagine what my roommate saw, because I blew my face off.
Christen McGinnes as told to Kerry Shaw
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College Kids Aren't the Only Young People Struggling with Mental-Health Issues

Historical data suggests that young people who don't go to college are at a higher risk of suicide.
Nathalie Lagerfield