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Satanists Are the Heroes of a New Sundance Documentary

In 'Hail Satan?', filmmaker Penny Lane highlights The Satanic Temple's journey from trolling activists to an international religious movement.


Watch the Trailer for 'The Hole in the Ground,' the Scariest Movie at Sundance

It's been called "one of 2019's first great horror films" and the "next 'Hereditary.'"


Tessa Thompson and Other Stars Are Taking Hollywood’s Gender Gap into Their Own Hands

Hollywood's heavy hitters are pledging to work with more female directors, using their collective power to push for greater diversity in film.


Zac Efron as Serial Killer Ted Bundy Is Disturbingly Hot

I know it's wrong, but damn it, it's true.


Dancing in a Mystical Virtual Reality Ritual Brought Me Closer to God

Sufism's zikr ritual is full of gyrations, drum beats, and enlightenment.


Don Hertzfeldt Explains How to Go DIY and Still Make Money

The 'World of Tomorrow 2' animator tells us about how he's managed to fund his art for over 20 years.


[Exclusive] This Film's Epically Problematic Heist Is a Parable for Trump's USA

Bank robbery film 'American Paradise' combines gorgeous shots of the midwest with complex issues surrounding race and power.


Delightful Short Doc Shows Everything Less-Than-Delightful About Sundance

Fear and loathing is alive in Utah in John Wilson's acerbic 'Escape From Park City.'


How to See Stuxnet? 'Zero Days' Filmmakers Find an Unlikely Answer in VR

New media artist Yasmin Elayat and production company Scatter teamed up with 'Zero Days' filmmaker Alex Gibney to create 'Zero Days VR.'


Watch the First Clip from Netflix's Bizarre JonBenét Ramsey Documentary

'Casting JonBenét' is both a product of the fascination with the cold case and a meta-commentary about that fascination.


The Future of VR Will Be Social, Culturally Diverse—Oh, and It's Already Here

Virtual reality is providing new opportunities for women and people of color, but has huge implications for human identity in the future.


A Melancholy Tale About the Father of Cinema, Eadweard Muybridge

Get ready to feel bad for the famous artist's less-famous kid.