Sundance Film Festival 2017


Hope, Unease, and a Whole Lot of Politics at Sundance

From prize-winning docs like 'Last Men in Aleppo' to awards speeches, politics dominated this year's festival.


Peter Dinklage Made Me Less Depressed About Everything

We caught up with the actor to talk about 'Rememory,' a new sci-fi film about reliving your memories in perfect detail.


The Rich and Ruthless Are Winning at Sundance

Hulk Hogan Gawker documentary 'Nobody Speak' and Salma Hayek's 'Beatriz at Dinner' are depressing reflections on power and money.


Searching for Compassion at Sundance

Macon Blair’s 'I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore' and Dustin Guy Defa’s 'Person to Person' are meaningful and timely in their modest requests for human acknowledgement.


'Playdates' Shows It's OK for Couples to Not Have Sex

We caught up with 'Playdates' star Paul Scheer to talk about married life, kids, and why it's important to mock coastal elites, too.