sunday comics

  • Success

    A rat girl and a dog lady bomb hills on rollerblades in this comic by popular Colombian cartoonist Stephanie Hurtado.

  • Hawaii

    Leslie Stein makes diary comics about her real life. Here's what she's been feeling lately.

  • Go See the Slime Lord

    Jimmy Giegerich takes us to the world of the Slime Lord in this colorful fantasy comic set in an underground world of caverns and violence.

  • Community College Dropout

    It's hard being a young college lady who falls in love with straight girls and hates the college newspaper, comics, and meeting monstrous deities.

  • Radio

    A dog decides to start his own NPR-style radio station in his apartment. It goes as well as you can imagine.

  • Herman the Elder

    A documentarian starts creating a movie about a giant spider named Herman the Elder for his series about monsters, but it turns out Herman is a gentle beast.