How London's Economic Dominance is Strangling Soccer in the North-East

London's status as the centre of finance, culture and politics affects every other part of Britain, but nowhere more than the north-east. This is reflected in the region's football clubs, which are struggling to compete with their southern rivals.


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David Moyes Threatens to "Slap" BBC Reporter

It's not clear why.


An Ode to Jermain Defoe, English Soccer's Great Survivor

Three years ago Jermain Defoe appeared obsolete and had departed English football for Major League Soccer. Few could have predicted his prolific late-career resurrection, nor the vital role he would play at struggling Sunderland.


This Scorpion Kick Golazo from Manchester United's Mkhitaryan is Just... Wow

It's hard to argue with a one-footed, high-velocity, diving Scorpion kick that finds side netting.


Return Of The Relegation Six Pointer: Previewing Sunderland vs. Hull

In our final Premier League Preview, we look to the endemic hyperinflation that is gripping the bottom part of the table.


Double Or Quits: The Glorious Cliche Of The Relegation ‘Six-Pointer’

With struggling Stoke hosting shabby Sunderland this weekend, the first relegation ‘six-pointer’ of the season is on its way. Here, we explore the psychology of the old cliche, and remember some of the best six-pointers in recent memory.


Sam Allardyce Renamed The St. George’s Park WiFi Connection, And This Is What It Means

During his short spell as England manager, Big Sam apparently named the in-house WiFi connection ‘BIG SAM’S OFFICE’. This is extremely significant, for more reasons than one.


Super, Super Al, Super Alan Pardew: A Paean To The Manager Who Gives Least Fucks

In our third Premier League Preview of the week, we admit our grudging admiration for Alan Pardew, sort of.


David Moyes and The Last Crusade: Previewing Sunderland vs. Crystal Palace

In the second of this week’s Premier League Previews, we fret over the rapid physical wastage that goes hand in hand with taking the Sunderland job.


Sunderland Paper Reassigns Reporter Who Facebooked Nasty Things about Team Six Years Ago

Six years ago, Newcastle United fan said some terrible things about Sunderland on his personal Facebook account and now he's lost his job covering Sunderland because of it.


Squandered Talent, Bygone Youth: The Salutary Tale of Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner once held ambitions to be amongst the greatest strikers in the world. Now, he could be on his way to Nottingham Forest. So where did it all go wrong?