Florida Cops Know You Have Vodka in That Sunscreen Bottle

Hey, spring breakers—figure out a new scam.
Jelisa Castrodale
The Moon

The Moon Has Tan Lines, NASA Says

Magnetic hotspots on the Moon might contain clues about how to protect humans from radiation on other planets.
Becky Ferreira
What's Freaking Me Out

These Common Meds Could Make You More Likely to Get Sunburned

I kept wondering what had changed to cause me to burn so badly.
Glynis Ratcliffe
Feeling the Burn

Sunscreen Sold in the US Prevents Burns But Not Necessarily Cancer

A new report points to some problematic truths about SPF.
Amber Brenza
Feeling the Burn

Scientists Are Trying to Make Sunscreen Way Less Annoying

They'd like it to be as easy as swallowing a pill.
Denny Watkins
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Scientists Invented a 'Second Skin' That Can Make You Prettier

In the future, everyone will be wearing this magic goop that can eliminate wrinkles and replicate the look of youthful, healthy skin.
VICE Staff

A Dermatologist Says This Drink Will Stop You From Getting Sunburned

Following years of extensive research into alternative types of sun protection, Greek-born dermatologist Bobby Awadalla has released UVO, a "sun protective drink.”
Alex Swerdloff
The Up in Flames Issue

Your Sunscreen Is Destroying the Great Barrier Reef

And so the chain of environmental devastation continues.
Wendy Syfret

Your Sunscreen Might Be Killing the World's Coral Reefs

Researchers say the chemical oxybenzone damages the DNA of baby corals, disruptes their endocrine system, causes the corals to deform, and induces bleaching.
Esha Dey
Hell or Salt Water

Is Sunscreen from Snorkelers Killing Coral Reefs?

Many resorts insist on biodegradable sunscreen, but we wanted to know how big of an impact sunblock really has.
Kaleigh Rogers

Don’t Let Woolies’ Vibrator Ban Ruin Your Buzz

Your local Woolworths is no longer a sex-shop, but that doesn't mean you can't still get off with the Fresh Food People.
Toby McCasker