Super Bowl 50

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The Nation of Islam Promised to Protect Beyoncé if the Cops Won't

In a sermon, Louis Farrakhan defended Beyoncé, saying that the singer "started talking all that black stuff... and white folks were like, 'We don't know how to deal with that.'"
VICE Staff

Lady Gaga Pivots Back Into Form as Pop Music's Best Chameleon

For a while it seemed that the over-the-top personality of Lady Gaga was at risk of going away, but her recent performances prove otherwise.
Nicole Schmidt

Peyton Manning Cited In "Hostile Sexual Environment" Title IX Lawsuit

In the wake of documents resurfacing from 2003.
Liam Daniel Pierce
daily vice

We Go Behind the Scenes of the Bay Area’s Fight Against Sex Trafficking on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then we revisit the unsolved case of a chlorine gas attack at a 2014 furry convention in Illinois and Motherboard investigates the decline of AM radio.
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Super Bowl 50

My Time in the Oligarch Zone at Super Bowl 50

What do you get when you buy a $15,000 to Super Bowl 50? Lobster, the opportunity to be an arbitrage victim, moderate buyer's remorse, and a long walk home.
Ed Zitron
cam newton

Watch Andy Griffith Scold Cam Newton and then Set the World on Fire

Sean Newell

A Toronto Politician Asked Whether Canada Should Ban Beyoncé

Jim Karygiannis thinks Justin Trudeau should investigate Bey's connection to Black Panthers. We looked into reasons to keep her out of the country.
Justin Ling

Cam Newton Responds to Super Bowl Criticism

Cam Newton quoted Vince Lombardi in responding to his critics.
Sean Newell

​A Black Panther Halftime: The Revolutionary Politics Behind Beyoncé's Super Bowl Performance

"Formation" is a throughway that runs from Angela Davis to Blue Ivy, past to future. But it's also an urgent cry that's very much of the present.
Brian Josephs
Super Bowl 50

The Imperfect Host, Part Six: What Comes After The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is over, and with it Super Bowl City's brief, branded invasion of San Francisco. Things will be back to normal soon enough, but that's not the end.
Tarin Towers
crime & drugs

The Story Behind That Super Bowl Ad for Americans Constipated by Painkillers

There are so many people who can't poop because of prescription painkillers that a drug company spent millions to advertise a pill to combat 'opioid-induced constipation.'
Keegan Hamilton
Super Bowl 50

Dumb Football with Mike Tunison: Super Bowl 50

After all that build-up, Super Bowl 50 delivered a game that felt a lot like the season that preceded it—a little bit off, and somehow caught in between.
Mike Tunison