Super PACs


Democrats Are Launching “News” Outlets to Turn Swing-State Voters Against Trump

One of the party's largest super PACs plans to fill the gap left by local newspapers with "news" outlets staffed by Democratic operatives.


Zephyr Teachout's Quest to Become the Left's Newest Crusading Congresswoman

Zephyr Teachout wants to get the money out of politics, but first she has to overcome the money being spent to keep her out of Congress.


The Election Isn't 'Rigged,' but It's Going to Be Messy as Hell

"If you look at other democracies, they think the way we run elections is crazy, with a partisan secretary of state."


The 1% want President Hillary Clinton

Campaign finance data shows that the nation's elites favor one presidential candidate over another — Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump — more than they have in any election since 1896.


Super PAC-Funded Jeb Bush Says There’s Too Much Anonymous Money in Politics

Bush, who has benefited more from super PACs than any other candidate, says US should overturn controversial 'Citizens United' ruling.


Bernie Sanders Has a Record Two Million Campaign Donations — and That's a Huge Deal

The senator from Vermont just became the first non-incumbent presidential candidate in US history to receive two million donations at this point in the election.


Ted Cruz Coaching His Family Through a Campaign Ad Is Awkward as Hell

A long look into the sad, dark heart of what it takes to shoot the average political campaign ad.


Election Class of 2016: Is This 'Green Billionaire' the Left's Answer to the Koch Brothers?

Democratic Party megadonor Tom Steyer is figuring out just how much money it takes to get politicians to talk about climate change.


Anonymous Donors Are Flooding the 2016 US Election With 'Dark Money'

'Dark money' groups have emerged as a powerful and secretive political fundraising tool for many campaigns, changing the landscape of America's 2016 election.


Super PACs Aren't Bad, They're Just Embarrassing

Super PACs may be a terrifying harbinger of the death of democracy, but at least they're good for a dick joke.


Jim Rubens and the Republican Crusade for Campaign Finance Reform

New Hampshire's dark horse Republican Senate candidate is turning right-wing populism into a crusade for campaign finance reform.


How India's New Prime Minister Won Over the Tea Party

Narendra Modi may be the first world leader to record a welcome message for an American political action committee.