Viruses Are the Antibiotics of the Future

Bacteriophages and the enzymes they produce are being used in Georgia to kill bacteria that is resistant to every known type of antibiotic.


These Are the Most Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs in the World

As these bugs develop resistance to our last line of defense, it puts us in a serious pickle.


Baby Tasmanian Devils Have Given Us a Potential Treatment for Superbugs

Because devil babies are born so young, their mother’s milk is spiked with powerful antibiotics.


Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are the biggest global health threat, UN says

The world is taking unprecedented steps to address the rise in antibiotic resistant infections during a summit at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.


Vegans, You’re Contributing to Antibiotic Resistance, Too

For the first time, the United Nations general assembly is holding a high-level meeting on antibiotic resistance.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Obama visits Hiroshima, the UN has warned that civilians are in 'danger of starvation' in Syria, Trump pledges to cancel the Paris climate agreement, and more.


Superbugs Will Kill More Than Cancer by 2050 Unless We Act Now, Says New Report

Antibiotic resistant superbugs could kill one person every three seconds and cost up to $100 trillion within 35 years, unless urgent action is taken now, a major new report has found.


A Scientist Has a Solution to Antibiotic Resistance—Genetically Modified Maggots

Wound-munching bugs could be the future of medicine


Setting Fire to Drinking Water (Excerpt from ‘Superbugs’)

VICE News reporter Neha Shastry speaks to a sheriff of a small village downstream from pharmaceutical factories about how the rise of the industry has effected the local waterways.


Antibiotic Resistance Is a Public Health Nightmare — And It's Not Going to Stop

Antibiotics-resistant bacteria are growing due to evolution sped up by improper prescribing. They kill around 23,000 Americans each year, and we're running out of alternative treatments.


Superbugs: The Dark Side of India’s Drug Boom

VICE News travels to Hyderabad, India's pharmaceutical capital, to see how the pollution from pharmaceutical factories risks giving rise to the next “superbug."