mental health

I Grew Up with Parents Who Didn’t Understand Mental Illness

‘The Woo-Woo’ author Lindsay Wong recalls childhood in a deeply superstitious household.
Lindsay Wong

Screw Santa Claus and Celebrate Befana, Italy's Kidnapping Christmas Witch

Say "ciao" to the Yuletide legend who rides a broom and brings naughty kids to her cannibal husband for dinner.
Mary McGill
Phys Ed

Some People Are Irrationally Attached to Their Running Shoes

I'm from a tribe of sorts, made up of runners who are very superstitious about their sneakers.
Alexandra Spiroff

A Guide to the Demons Found in Your Bowl of Spaghetti

Your bowl of pasta is a witches’ brew, filled not just with herbs and spices but with a panoply of spiritually charged ingredients—some inherently evil, others more ambiguous, and some that will literally ward off the devil.
Alex Swerdloff
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The Third Week of April Is a Very Scary Time for America

The seven day period that starts on April 15 has been the setting for more than its share of America's worst tragedies.
Mike Pearl
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Guy’s Cover of "Superstition" Somehow Manifested Actual Stevie Wonder

And then they sang together. If you wish hard enough, Stevie will appear.
Lauren O'Neill

I Wore a Fedora for a Week to See if It Would Ruin My Life

It did. Almost instantly.
David Allegretti

Why We Still Practice Superstitious Rituals With Our Technology

How much do you know about the tech you use, and how much do you assume?
Leigh Alexander

Some Indonesians Are Shackling and Imprisoning the Mentally Ill in Sheds

Because mental illness is often thought to be a result of spirit possession in Indonesia, an estimated 18,000 individuals are detained in sheds and backyards for years by their own families.
Stanley Widianto

A Brief History Of Bees Attacking Players At Spring Training

When Jason Heyward was swarmed by bees during a spring game, it marked the latest battle in the long-running and complicated war between bees and baseball.
Joseph Flynn
Girl Writer

My Belief in the Evil Eye is Feeding My Anxiety

Growing up with a superstitious mom contributed to my chronic anxiety and the belief that everyone around me has a secret desire to see me fail.
Alison Stevenson

The Tragedy of Witch Hunts in Rural Cambodia

The sad, but not uncommon, tale of an elderly healer who was murdered with an axe.
George Wright and Ben Sokhean