Hundreds of Food Combinations That Could Potentially Kill You, According to This Chart

In Myanmar, a common poster details a million ways to die (or hate life). An ice cream + cucumber = chest congestion. Pumpkin + prawns = dysentery. Rabbit meat + mushrooms = death.
Nick Baker
Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo Busts out of Slump with Teammate's Bat

Anthony Rizzo switched bats and now all of a sudden he can hit again.
Mike Vorkunov
Girl Writer

My Belief in the Evil Eye is Feeding My Anxiety

Growing up with a superstitious mom contributed to my chronic anxiety and the belief that everyone around me has a secret desire to see me fail.
Alison Stevenson
kyle schwarber

Kyle Schwarber's Monster Home Run Landed on The Cubs Video Board

Kyle Schwarber hit a monster home run that landed on the Cubs video board and they will keep it there until the end of the postseason.
Sean Newell

Joe Maddon Wore the Same Stinky Socks Every Day During the Cubs Winning Streak

Joe Maddon wore the same socks for nearly two weeks without washing them. This is a gross thing to do.
Sean Newell
burly tattooed sluggers

Mike Napoli and the Mystery of the Hot Streak

Mike Napoli was one of the worst hitters in baseball, until he turned into one of the best. Hot streaks are like that, but Mike Napoli is still Mike Napoli.
Matthew Kory

Superstition Is Making Beijing's Air Pollution Even Worse

An avoidance of the number 4 adds more pressure to the city's car bans.
Kaleigh Rogers
Rafael Nadal

Ball Boy Fixes Rafael Nadal's Water Bottles Because He's Crazy About Them

Everyone had a good laugh last night at Rafael Nadal's crazy water bottle habit when one of them fell over and a ball boy had to fix it before his serve.
Sean Newell