New music

Justin Timberlake Releases New Single "Supplies," Remains Not Country

The Neptunes-produced song comes with a sci-fi-leaning video.
Alex Robert Ross
hurricane maria

What it's like delivering aid to a remote town in Puerto Rico

The town of Barranquitas is so remote, residents said relief efforts hadn’t reached them yet.
Alexa Liautaud

Here’s How Long You Could Survive If You Got Trapped in a Supermarket

A British astrobiology scientist claims to have figured out how long the average British supermarket could keep an adult fed and watered for.
Phoebe Hurst
war and conflict

CENTCOM Admits US-Trained Syrian Rebels Gave a Bunch of Supplies to al Qaeda Affiliate

The government Friday walked back earlier denials that fighters trained and equipped by the US-led coalition had furnished al Nusra Front with supplies.
Samuel Oakford

Forty Tourists Have Been Stranded in a South Australian Town of Ten People for Almost a Week

With food and water running low, locals across the South Australian outback are looking after stranded out-of-towners.
Hannah Scholte

Meeting the UK's Ukrainian Expats Who've Been Driving Supplies to the Front Line

And a 50-year-old Welsh man named Terry who just loves Ukraine and doesn't think the UK is doing enough to help.
Michael Allen

Basic Medications — and Breast Implants — in Short Supply in Deepening Venezuela Crisis

Medicines are vanishing from the shelves in Venezuelan shops and pharmacies. Some pharmaceuticals simply cannot be found and others can only be bought in tiny quantities after trawling pharmacy after pharmacy. The crisis has gotten worse in recent...
Alicia Hernández