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Why The ASUS Supply Chain Hack Is a Big Deal

This week, CYBER speaks to Kim Zetter about her blockbuster scoop on a daring, sophisticated supply chain attack against computer giant ASUS.


ASUS Confirms It Was Used to Install Backdoors on Its Customers' Computers

A press release released by ASUS this morning confirms Motherboard’s reporting.


Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates to Install Backdoors on Thousands of Computers

The Taiwan-based tech giant ASUS is believed to have pushed the malware to hundreds of thousands of customers through its trusted automatic software update tool after attackers compromised the company’s server and used it to push the malware to machines.


This Company Built AI to Detect Modern Slavery

Can machine learning stop forced labor?


The Artists' Residency That Would Not End

On board a container ship that could not dock, artist Rebecca Moss found herself adrift in globalized waters.


How Much Would Donald Trump's American-Made iPhone Actually Cost?

Trump wants to grow US manufacturing jobs by forcing Apple to build its products here.


This German Meat Detective Is Looking for Horse in Your Dinner

After Horsegate rocked Europe in 2013, a group of German researchers started looking into ways to detect meat fraud more precisely than ever before. Long story short: Unless you don't mind eating Seabiscuit, be wary of corned beef.