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The One Way Trump Has Changed America That Democrats Cannot Fix

Democrats are fantasizing about how to undo Trump's remake of the American judiciary.
Matt Laslo
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Just Got Its Third Governor In One Week. She Might Not Stick Around.

A Supreme Court ruling handed power to former Secretary of Justice Wanda Vázquez, who would have been next-in-line in the first place.
Alex Lubben
Electoral politics

This Font Is Made of Ridiculously Gerrymandered Congressional Districts

The font is called Ugly Gerry and serves as a fun reminder that our political system is fundamentally dysfunctional.
Edward Ongweso Jr
supreme court

A “Screaming Siren” Went Off at the DOJ over Trump’s Census Citizenship Question

The Justice Department has a new team of lawyers with a nearly impossible task: finding a new rationale to include the citizenship question on the census after all.
Gaby Del Valle

Now That You Can Trademark Swear Words, Here Are All the Wildest NSFW Requests

A Supreme Court ruling on vulgar trademarks is making space for new, profane ventures, from "A$$RICH" to "Bitchigan."
Drew Schwartz
Abortion Rights

The Supreme Court Won’t Bring Back an Alabama Abortion Ban

It’s a signal that the justices won’t leap at just any chance to carve away at Roe v. Wade
Carter Sherman
reproductive rights

27 Years Ago, Roe v. Wade Almost Fell. This Is How Protests Saved It.

Can the same tactics work now?
Marie Solis
supreme court

Why Trump's Plan to Put a Citizenship Question on the Census Probably Won't Happen

The Supreme Court blocked the Department of Commerce, which oversees the Census Bureau, from including the question on the upcoming census in a 5-4 decision Thursday.
Gaby Del Valle
supreme court

The Supreme Court Agrees Gerrymandering Is "Unjust." They Just Won't Fix It.

“We conclude that partisan gerrymandering claims present political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts."
Morgan Baskin

A Streetwear Brand with a FUCT-up Name Just Won Its Supreme Court Case

It might be "scandalous," but it's legal.
Kelly Vinett
voting rights

Here’s Beto’s Big Plan to Overhaul Our Election Laws

The Texas Democrat is going after gerrymandering to “ensure the makeup of districts reflects the preferences of voters statewide.”
Rex Santus
Abortion Rights

So-Called "Heartbeat Bills" Are a Lie, and Doctors Want You to Stop Calling Them That

The science behind laws banning abortion after a fetal "heartbeat" is detected is inaccurate.
Emma Ockerman