I Tried it

I Got a Gum Transplant So I Could Have a Younger Smile

Sheer vanity prompted me to let a periodontist slice and dice my gums.
Grant Stoddard

Austin's Here Now, Entertain Him: We Talk Mechs, Kingdom Hearts, THQ, More

These podcasts are supposed be an hour, but woops we talked about the 2015 movie 'Pan' for 30 minutes.
Patrick Klepek

'Biopsy Part Three,' Today's Comic by Rebecca Kirby

While waiting for the results of her recent procedure, Rebecca is forced to grapple with the idea that she might have cancer.
Rebecca Kirby

'Biopsy Part One,' Today's Comic by Rebecca Kirby

In the first part of this five-chapter comic, we meet a young girl who is getting ready to go under the knife.
Rebecca Kirby

A Manic Investigation into the Many Medical Uses of Lasers

Or, how to occupy your mind when your dad is undergoing prostate surgery.
Cole Nowicki

Some People With Appendicitis Can Be Treated With Pills, Not Surgery

New research suggests antibiotics may be a better option for most appendicitis patients.
Markham Heid
Living With It

I Tried to Fix My Knee Pain When My Doctor Proposed Surgery

Here is everything I tried in an effort to avoid the knife.
Elana Rabinowitz
true crime

Horrifying New Podcast 'Dr. Death' Tells the True Story of a Killer Surgeon

The six-episode series examines what happens when our healthcare system fails to "do no harm."
Lauren Messman
Race and Health

La La Anthony's Documentary Examines the Dangers of Illegal Butt Injections

Anthony tells us about how America's obsession with black women's curves is more dangerous than it seems.
La La Anthony
medical devices

A New Netflix Doc Exposes Huge Problems With the Way Certain Medical Treatments Are Approved

'The Bleeding Edge' shows how the FDA doesn’t hold medical devices to the same standards of safety and effectiveness as it does prescription drugs, even though some devices will presumably remain in the body for the rest of people's lives.
Sam Fragoso

I Turned My Own Jawbone Into Earrings

I wanted to make a part of myself into something wonderful.
merritt k
Noisey News

Elvis Costello, Recovering from Cancer Surgery, Cancels Tour Dates

The singer-songwriter wrote on his website that he'd been diagnosed with "a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy." He's confirmed a new album, and he says he'll "return at the soonest opportunity."
Alex Robert Ross