Some Questions for the Delivery Man Caught Eating Toppings Off a Customer's Pizza

Is nothing sacred?
Allison Tierney
Swamp Thing

Stop Calling the Police About This Crocodile Because It’s Just a Tire

A police force in Canada has received more than one call about this.
Lisa Cumming
creep catchers

A Vigilante Pedophile Hunter is Being Sued For Defamation

The plaintiff alleges that the actions of the president of the Surrey Creep Catcher chapter resulted in him being “subjected to ridicule, hatred and contempt.”
Mack Lamoureux
Crime & Drugs

Cops Can Now Watch Traffic Cameras 24/7 to Catch Gangsters in British Columbia

Surrey, British Columbia, has seen 32 shootings, eight injuries, and one death since the start of the year. On Friday, a "concerned and offended" mayor announced she has enlisted more help from the police.
Tamara Khandaker
Crime & Drugs

Man Who Gunned Down Ex-Girlfriend on Campus Gets Life in Prison

Over a 40-day period, Gurjinder Dhaliwal sent 1,719 text messages and made 2,328 calls to Maple Batalia, who was studying health sciences at Simon Fraser University, in Surrey, British Columbia. Then he killed her.
The Photo Issue 2015

Portraits of 'Common People' in the UK

Chris Shaw spent three years photographing life on a housing estate in the south of England.
Chris Shaw

How to Turn 30 Acres of Blossom Into Elderflower Cordial

For three weeks each summer, Surrey’s Thorncroft Farm works around the clock window to pick, process, and package 30 acres of elderflower blossom into cordial.
Helen Nianias

UK-Based Russian Businessman Possibly Poisoned With Rare Chinese Plant

A court outside London heard evidence Monday that a UK-based Russian businessman may have been poisoned with a rare toxic plant found only in rural China.
Sally Hayden

An 'Aging Hippie' Has Opened a 'Cannabis Cafe and Hotel' in England

Jonathan Falkus says his unconventional B&B has two rules: "No harder drugs, and don't go upsetting the neighbors."
James Rippingale, Photos: Jake Lewis
10 things i hate about clubbing

10 Things I Hate About Clubbing in Vancouver

London's problem is that all the good clubs are shutting down. Vancouver's problem is that only one can exist at a time.
Ziad Ramley

My Weekend with a Pastafarian

I hung out with Obi Canuel while he waited to see if the Canadian government would let him wear a colander on his head in his driver's license photo.
Jen Osborne

Cry-Baby of the Week - A Woman Allegedly Attacked a Baby Because Someone Asked Her to Stop Swearing

This week: A woman is suing her local supermarket for prosecuting her crime, and a woman allegedly attacked a baby because someone asked her to stop swearing.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete