Singapore Is Threatening to Ban LGBTQ Citizens from Adopting Children

The government is considering changing its laws after a gay father won the right to adopt his biological son last year.
Gavin Butler
reproductive rights

Anti-Choice Congressman Reportedly Offered Aide $5 Million to Carry His Child

Ultra-conservative Rep. Trent Franks, who obsessively attacks women's right to choose, reportedly asked female staffers if they'd act as surrogates for him—and they worried he wanted to impregnate them through sex.
Kimberly Lawson

How LGBTQ Americans are Reshaping the Fight for Assisted Reproduction

We're here, we're queer, and we want access to in vitro fertilization and surrogate pregnancies.
Neil McArthur

Americans Can Now Buy Breast Milk from Cambodian Women Paid Less Than $10 a Day

Ambrosia Labs claims to be the first company to export human breast milk to the US. Its founders say their business model is beneficial to mothers in Cambodia, but advocates fear they're exploiting vulnerable women.
Audrey Wilson

I'm Trying to Get Pregnant with a Stranger's Sperm and It's Going Horribly

Unlike our friends who stop refilling their birth control and get pregnant, for us "trying" does not involve regular romps. Rather, it requires countless doctors' appointments, thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket fees, and mind-numbing bureaucracy.
Laura Leigh Abby

An Abortion, a Custody Fight, a Legal Storm: Inside a Surrogacy Gone Haywire

Melissa Cook, a surrogate, is pregnant with triplets. Their intended father and sperm donor wanted her to get an abortion. She refused now and she wants custody. Cook has filed a federal lawsuit that could change surrogacy laws for better or worse.
Cole Kazdin

How Commercial Surrogacy Became a Massive International Business

In 2015, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Mexico—nearly all the major markets for commercial surrogacy—banned the practice for foreigners. But the global demand isn't going anywhere.
Arielle Pardes