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How China Is Wiping Memories of Tiananmen Square off the Internet

“A lot of people from my generation don't even know this existed.”
David Gilbert
surveillance state

China Is Using Facial Recognition Technology to Send Jaywalkers Fines Through Text Messages

It’s the latest update to a widely deployed facial recognition surveillance system in China.
Daniel Oberhaus
surveillance state

The Senate Just Voted to Expand the Warrantless Surveillance of US Citizens

Once Trump signs the bill into law, US intelligence agencies will be able to spy on the electronic communications of Americans with an overseas contact without a warrant.
Daniel Oberhaus
surveillance state

5 Senators Are Filibustering an Attempt to Expand Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

3 Democrats and 2 Republicans are filibustering the Senate vote on the reauthorization of FISA Section 702.
Daniel Oberhaus
surveillance state

The House Just Voted to Expand Warrantless Surveillance of US Citizens

A similar bill will now be considered in the Senate.
Daniel Oberhaus
surveillance state

Congress Is About to Vote On Expanding the Warrantless Surveillance of Americans

Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act has been abused by the intelligence agencies to spy on Americans. This week the House of Representatives will vote on a bill to make that legal.
Daniel Oberhaus
The Occupation

A Thriller Where the AI Gets Stressed, Drinks Too Much, and Needs to Pee

A game of high-stakes political intrigue, 'The Occupation' needed an AI that players could push to the breaking point.
Jack Yarwood

How Denver's Wealth Gap Changed After Marijuana Legalization

Tune into the latest from 'WEEDIQUETTE' on VICELAND Tuesday, and stick around for a new episode of 'CYBERWAR.'
VICE Staff
Business of Life

The Business of Cybersecurity (Business of Life Season 2, Episode 4)

Austin Berglas, Morgan Mayhem, and Jim Stickley discuss the money behind cybersecurity—how secure you are and how much money is being spent to keep you safe from hacking.
surveillance state

British Cops Will Scan Every Fan's Face at the Champions League Final

South Wales Police is piloting facial recognition at one of Europe's biggest sporting events.
Glyn Owen
surveillance state

An Artist Turned NYC’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ Ads Into a Powerful Commentary on Fear

Vigilance is different than fear.
Ankita Rao
surveillance state

'Predictive Policing' Is Coming to Canada's Capital, and Privacy Advocates Are Worried

Officers now have access to social media posts and other information directly in patrol car computers. Activists say it could discourage legitimate protests.
Nathan Munn