Survival International


Human Rights Complaint Filed Against ‘Eco-Guards’ Who Terrorize African Pygmies

The World Wildlife Fund, which supports the eco-guards, acknowledges some instances of abuse, but has pledged to support investigations into any wrongdoing.
Matt Smith

Suicides and 'Shorter, Bleaker' Lives Plague Indigenous Groups Around the World

The Guaraní-Kaiowa indigenous people of southern Brazil report a suicide rate 34 times higher than the national average.
Eva Hershaw

The 'Dark Side of Conservation' — NGOs Accused of Trampling Tribal Rights in Push to Protect Environment

A report by indigenous rights group Survival International says that conservation is in some cases destroying tribal communities and endangering the terrain it aims to protect.
Frederick Tiffin

Brazil's Indigenous Tribes Won't Give in to Murderous Cattle Ranchers

Leaders of the Guarani tribe have been targeted in various assassination attempts, and the homicide rate among Guarani people is 210 per 100,000—20 times higher than it is in the state of Sao Paulo.
Philippa Baines

An Interview with a Member of a Human Safari Tribe

Tourists threaten the existence of the Andaman Islands' Jarawa natives.
Oscar Rickett

The Amazon Is a Dangerous Place If You Live on a Bunch of Gold

Last week, news broke that back in July illegal goldminers allegedly wiped out an entire village of indigenous Yanomami in the Amazon. Reports suggest that they did this by raining down machine gun fire and crude explosives from helicopters.
Joanna Eede