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How-To: Eat Sushi with Naomichi Yasuda

If you've been using chopsticks to pick up sushi rolls, you're doing it all wrong. Let Tokyo sushi master Naomichi Yasuda teach you the dos and don'ts of eating sushi.


Wrap Your Boring Hot Dog in Spam, Nori, and Sushi Rice

Two processed meats are better than one.


Spam Musubi Hot Dog Recipe

Say "aloha" to your new little friend.


The Best Rice Pudding Has a Little Funk

We decided to kick off the weekend in the best possible way with the new king of rice puddings: koji rice pudding.


Koji Rice Pudding Recipe

While koji is traditionally used to marinate meats, it brings an extra layer of sweet and salty deliciousness when you add a little bit to a simple dessert like rice pudding.


Braised Lamb Shoulder with Sushi Rice, Japanese Curry, and Pickled Green Papaya Recipe

A hearty lamb shoulder Japanese curry bowl with refreshing pickled green papaya.


Some California Rice Farmers Would Rather Sell Water Than Plant Crops

According to NASA scientists, California has about one year’s worth of water left. One of Southern California’s largest water districts is trying to get ahead of things by offering to buy groundwater from rice farmers for more than they might make from...