SWAT teams


The Ferguson Cops Have Been More Inept Than Strategic

Even if a planned operational shift calms Ferguson streets, the fight against the police state must continue.


ACLU Report Says 'Militarized' SWAT Teams Treat Neighborhoods Like 'War Zones'

Most SWAT deployments are now for drug-related searches, not hostage or active shooter situations.


Here's What Happens When Hackers Send a SWAT Team to Your House

In recent years, a small amount of hackers and gamers have been "swatting"—anonymously reporting fake hostage situations, shootings, and other violent crimes so elite police units will bust down the doors of unsuspecting people's homes.


Did Police Screw Up During the DC Navy Yard Shooting?

Some Cops Claim a Tactical Team Was Prevented from Going In


The Cops' Military Toys Aren't Just for Catching Terrorists

While the circumstances of the manhunt for Dzhokhar Tsarneav in Boston last week were unique, the military muscle displayed by law enforcement is hardly reserved for responding to rare acts of terrorism. Increasingly, SWAT teams in tanks are the new...


This 1974 Secret Service Video about House Raids Shows a Quaint Time Before SWAT

Videodrome is Motherboard’s weekly look at the weird old archival footage lurking around the web. Check out old posts here. It’s Friday, which means it’s party time, right? Only problem is, sometimes you’re sitting there sucking back a ‘grita, with...