The People and Sweatshops Behind Argentina’s Largest Textile Fair

Photographer Sarah Pabst talks about her experience documenting the market known as La Salada.


The World's Most Visited Fashion Site Accused of 'Modern Sweatshop' Conditions

ASOS has a warehouse in South Yorkshire, England. Workers there told VICE News that bullying is rife, safety rules are ignored, and managers refuse to allow unions access.


The VICE Podcast Show - Dov Charney on Reforming the Global Garment Industry

This week on the podcast we sit down with American Apparel founder and chief executive officer Dov Charney, who makes the case for reforming the global garment industry. He calls for an international minimum wage to curb the exploitation of workers in...


A Sweatshop of One's Own

What if the crap-manufacturing industry collapses and all of the indentured servants the US employs there are no longer able to produce cheaply manufactured garments? What atrocities would Americans be forced to wear? To illustrate this predicament, I...


Disasters Made in Bangladesh

We still don’t know exactly how many of Swapna’s coworkers were killed at the Tazreen Fashions factory on November 24, 2012. She was sewing shorts—“half-pants,” they’re called in Bangladesh—when on the ground floor piles of yarn and acrylic fabric...