One of the Most Powerful Kanye West Songs Is One You’ve Probably Not Heard

The message in "I Feel Like That" is simple and direct. Do you feel mentally exhausted? I feel like that... all the time.
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40 Totally Logical Possibilities for What Kanye's 'T.L.O.P.' Album Title Means

Mmm, That Lasagna's on Point!
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Kanye West Gives New Interview: The Album Is Now Nameless, and Says He Has "Three Pools"

The rapper appeared on Big Boy's radio show on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles this morning.
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Are Earl Sweatshirt and Chance the Rapper on Kanye West's New Album (Which Is Now Called 'Waves')?

Yet another track-list for the album formerly known as 'SWISH' has appeared, and it's different again.
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Here Are All the Ways the New Nickelback Album Will Be Better Than 'SWISH'

"Wolves" will never be as great as that one song they made about 'Spider-Man.'
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Who is the Kanye West of Dance Music?

If only we had someone shaking up club culture in the way Ye has the rest of the music world.
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The "Best Album Of All Time" Has Just Been Announced

Kanye (who else?!) announced the tracklist for SWISH this morning.
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Kanye West Just Announced the Release Date for 'SWISH'

It's real. It's really real.
John Hill

12 Things That Kanye West's 'SWISH' Probably Isn't but Totally Should Be

We've spent all year wondering what 'SWISH' is going to be. For the latest Noisey G.O.O.D. Friday, here are 12 new theories.
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Listen to Two New Kanye West Songs, "When I See It" and a "Say You Will" Remix Featuring Caroline Shaw

It's 808s for 2015.
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Watch Kanye West's Two-Hour Live Interview: "We Are an Extension of God, We All Have God Inside of Us"

Will he answer questions about SWISH? What about the GOOD Music EP? The "Piss On Your Grave" video? His plans with Apple? Watch here and find out.
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"The More and More Creative I Get, the Closer and Closer I Get to Who I Was as a Child": The Best Quotes From Kanye's Vanity Fair Interview

Not great news about that album though.
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